“Tymo” risen from the grounds of Edmonton AB (2015 AD) is the perfect blend of your favorite thrash metal with a modern touch! Their debut album “The Lone Wolf” was released in March 2015 with Tim Tymo recording vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards and producer Mitchel Dane recording drums along with mixing & engineering. Shows for the album then introduced Nick Schwartz on guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass & Marc Durie on drums. Playing shows throughout 2015 – 2017 and writing brand new material as a band. The sound was shifted into a more aggressive full on modernized universe shattering thrash. The band came in fourth place in Wacken Metal Battle Canada and opened for big acts such as Mortillery, Ninjaspy, Mandroid Echostar, Native Construct, Auras, Norma Jean and many more! In late 2016, Tymo entered the studio to record their second album “Purge & Reset” and is slated for release on August 19th 2017 with the help of Art Szabo of Sfear Management & Design / BandBrand.ca & Dale Weran of The Forge on Whyte!  This is just the beginning, WORLDWIDE PURGE & RESET IS AMONG US!